After attending Milwaukee's Gallery Night, a few facts became fairly apparent, and those facts have helped to guide the new way web designers will be building sites. The way clients purchase sites may also change quite a bit. Let's look at the comparisons.

Gallery Night artists charge a lot of money. They use materials and time, along with creative abilities, in order to create something they hope will sell. Sometimes for a lot of money. Then again, you've got to be willing to ask for what it's worth. If an artists spends 20 hours on a painting with $50 of materials, at $50 an hour, we're talking over $1000. And that's what a lot of original paintings were going for, or higher, and you can understand that when you consider display space and gallery employees. We saw the number $1500 quite often on paintings, but there were some for even more.

An example of a painting going maybe a bit overboard was one done with what I would describe as crayon on paper, but it could have been oil pastels on cardboard. Giant paper. As in, if you have a wall wide enough for the painting, you don't have to worry about trifles like price, which was $25,000. For crayon on paper. But it makes a statement, and you, with your giant wall, make a statement by buying it. When Passive Ninja pre-builds sites, you're not going to have to worry about sticker shock because we don't want to house your new site for the next decade. An artist might not mind waiting for that big payday, and it might be worth sinking 100 hours into a painting that could be a full year's salary for a starving artist. However, we're looking to move our works of art quickly. We won't pre-build anything over $!000.

You can add whatever you want, kind of like if a client asked Leonardo for a bigger smile on the Mona Lisa, or if Monet was asked for a few more lily pads. It wouldn't cost much, since the art is mostly done. If you were thinking about a total redesign and got a near reproduction, then we'd have to talk. Not that it can't be done. Just more complicated.

Take a look around at the Passive Ninja galleries, either post-built or pre-built. You can even let your kids look without worrying about them breaking the work. You don't have to worry about us getting snooty with you, either, unless that works best for you. While you can hire an artist to paint you and your family or perhaps make a statue of yourself for your front lawn, most of the art done today is speculative: the artists are hoping that their efforts will be appreciated by the audience. While speculative website design is more specific, it's not entirely different from that of the art scene. Like when you see one of those caricature artists, and it's like, "Oh, look, Justin Bieber!" or, "That looks just like Aaron Rodgers." Maybe the church or landscape business I pre-design for won't want their designs, but one of their competitors might want something similar. Erase, copy, paste, done. Still beautiful and art, but now it's someone else's face on the Superman body.