Passive Ninja, not able to compete with some other web design firms for fancy ads or misleading promises, has decided to pre-build websites for companies in need, hoping that seeing is believing, and believing is buying.

Using the template of the company's old website, we incorporate similar colors, photos, and themes, along with the same content. All this means that the look and feel will be consistent and familiar to customers and employees. In fact, some of the sites end up looking a lot like the original, in which case someone might ask why it's hard work and whether the work is worth the effort.

Let's take a look at the typical upgrade. The original site is usually static, does not show up well on mobile devices, may load slowly, and looks dated.

  • Passive Nina pages can be static or dynamic, meaning they can be pages or blogs. We choose the most logical for each category.
  • Our sites look great on mobile or desktop. They also work well. No separate mobile page costing more. Just one design that works in all situations, which is what you wanted in the first place.
  • Our sites load fast for size. It takes a couple of mb to make a website really look good, and load times in the five second range are not a bid deal. However, if your page is taking over 30 seconds to load, you're losing most of your customers. Most older sites load fast because they are using simple layouts and static content. However, if an artist-friend added a 50MB tiff image to your frontpage for you, look out.
  • Even though our pre-made designs pay homage to the original, Passive Ninja will often use upgrades, like scrolling images, interactive maps, spam deterrent contact forms, and elimination of odd spaces.

If you're lucky enough to get your site pre-built by Passive Ninja, be sure to get in touch right away. If you weren't that lucky, try contacting Passive Ninja for a quote.