Your site needs to present your company in the most positive light possible. Stock photos can set a mood, but your own photos may be just as relevant. Your videos and other integrations should not be driving others away from your site but driving them to your site.

Whether you have tutorials you want embedded or you need one to help you use the website we build, Passive Ninja can help with your needs. While we are not going to promise studio-quality viral-ready tutorials, we certainly can make life a little easier through the use of video, photo, or written training tools.

Whether you want to embed mp3 files or show your sound files as a Youtube video with pictures, Passive Ninja can help you accomplish your goals of providing audio to your viewers. Evan wanted his music to play automatically when visitors arrived at his home page, so that's what we did. I advised that some people might not want it, but he's a musician, so it kind of makes sense.

Passive Ninja has used video in order to entertain and inform. Videos can be produced using existing programs like Windows Moviemaker, but other programs with more capabilities can also be used. (iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Avidemux, WeVideo, etc.)

john baho in londonPhotos online should load fast and fit the page properly. 
Passive Ninja is adept at using photo editing software to display images online. Sometimes the Office Photo option is the best for a simple compression, but Adobe or Gimp can also be employed. Depending on the theme, photos can be tinted or made into black and white. 

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