Passive Ninja has designed or is capable of designing websites in a range of industries. Read more about the kinds of solutions we have for you below.

I know, if you want to start a blog, you don't have to get your own domain or use a powerful content management system because it's overkill. However, when your blog becomes the one in a million, moneymaking cash cow because you're the only authority in the world who writing about homemade Christmas ornaments from 19th century Minnesota, then you'll wish you'd gotten a simple blog earlier.

Passive Ninja has worked with churches and has researched what churches need in a website. Your church needs a site that can be updated by staff and volunteers alike, one that has a modern responsive design, and one that can grow with the church. Church websites are perfect candidates for Joomla with Community Builder so that your ministries, staff, and even members have very powerful profiles.

Schools want sites that provide the key information for students, teachers, parents, and the community. Schools do not need to be bogged down with components teachers do not need or webmasters do not update.

Whether you run a Fortune 500 financial institution or daytrade in your basement, you can capitalize on the interest others have in making money by producing your own webpage. If you can provide relevant content that brings readers in, then you can allow Passive Ninja to handle the rest, which includes all the subscriptions you'll receive from your dedicated following. If you're a financial guru who does well with numbers but not words, just try sending out a newsletter once a quarter for a year. Your clients will appreciate the effort, even if all you do is recap numbers. If you want to reach new clients and have a place for current customers to interact with you, then a website is the next logical step.

Life Coaching has its own niche management groups that churn out dozens of websites that all adhere to the same standards. Life coaches may benefit from the marketing of these groups. However, for someone just starting out, the fees are quite high.

Maybe you're just starting out and are wondering if it's worth paying a professional to help you with your public image. Maybe you've been playing gigs for years and you're looking to take the next big step. Maybe you want your dad to think you're doing something big so he stops bugging you. No matter where you are in your musical career, Passive Ninja can help.

Passive Ninja is not going to build a full-fledged shopping cart website for your retail store. Those are very involved projects, and the beauty of the semi-custom site is in the speed of creation. If you really want to sell online, we can talk about that, but a lot of businesses still need a professional website just to bring customers in the door. You do not have to offer any or all of your products, but you need to sell yourself as a provider of those products. Passive Ninja can help you maintain the image you are trying to create for yourself.

A few years ago, I was working as the newspaper advisor at my high school when I realized a couple of things: we did not have the budget to print more than one newspaper a year and the website we were using cost the same as printing one newspaper per year.