Get an idea of the range of services offered by Passive Ninja as well as estimated prices.

This package comparison gives you an idea of price ranges for a semi-custom website that is created using a state-of-the-art content management system (Joomla), employing one of dozens of expertly-created RESPONSIVE templates, and implemented by an experienced Joomla web developer.

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Pages and Categories Email addresses Contacts Page
Special plugins Custom Images Turnaround Time (after lead time)

Price before important add-ons listed here 

 * Size of the website is not limited. If you want 5000 page categories, 50 plugins and custom images, 500 emails and contacts, we WILL build you the website. The point of the comparison is to show that time and price go up with added features.

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Passive Ninja is also able to offer some other creative and editing services.

We can edit your site's content. We also offer English or ACT (reading/grammar) tutoring.

Other services include recording video and video editing / posting to YouTube.

Most services billed at $50/hour plus expenses.

We offer old video archiving and digitizing at $20 an hour for video. We also archive slides at $2 per slide.

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