While Web.com may not be a direct comparison to Passive Ninja, it is important to note what you might get with such a service, or self-service. From what I can tell, Web.com offers pretty basic everything for fairly low prices. You also get slow or poor service, up-sales, and problems when you want to change services to another provider. Read the reviews before you choose a plan like this.


I have a potential client who uses Web.com. The template is a decade old, but the domain name is well-established, and that concerns me, as people giving the service reviews often made reference to not being allowed to move their domain names. I can see where this mindset comes from with Web.com, since the company is promising a free or really cheap template, and they're hoping to make most of their money off monthly fees. That's also what I want to do, eventually, but freelancers or custom designers like Passive Ninja make the effort to create something memorable as a website, and then we should also release the website if the client wants to move on. From talking to individuals who have used web designers, this is one of the frustrations pushing them towards these do-it-yourself train wrecks, and because Passive Ninja is newer to the field, the reputation of webmasters refusing to do work or release sites to the owners affects us new companies, too. 

If web designers and hosts could agree across the board that we charge for a design, we charge for monthly service, we release customers who want to leave, and we provide them with their files, more than likely the whole job field will be seen in a better light. BUT, then we can't promise free websites or $100 custom websites, since those are ridiculous prices that require sleazy tactics later on.

If you want to avoid all the drama, go with a freelancer with a good portfolio and reputation who tells you that the site is yours. Sure, you might have to figure out how to get the files to work elsewhere, but don't let someone end up locking you out of your own domain or Facebook page. Passive Ninja puts the customer first, because we know happy customers will write positive reviews and come back for more services.