I kept telling my client I didn't build the original site. He didn't care, and he wanted the new Joomla 3 version to be the same. I've already begun another article detailing Joomla 3 upgrade pitfalls, but I wanted to write about this one specifically because it might help you salvage a template and avoid anger from a client. Honestly, I don't know if it was the new Momentum I installed, the new Gantry framework, or the new Joomla, but something made the title in the main page RokGallery header go giant on us. And stuck the three word title it on multiple lines.  It looked bed. Not terrible, but my client said it looked like a 5 year-old designed it. Again, I thought, it wasn't my design, just my unfortunate upgrade.


I tried a lot, including the RokGallery overrides in the template files. I read somewhere that these no longer work, after I tried a lot of options. Honestly, half the time was me just trying to figure out where the title was even being generated from, since I'd never used an image gallery as the header for a home page, at least not this image gallery. Anyhow, if you're in the same boat as I was, you'll see that even adding tags like <h1> or <h6> to the RokGallery title for the header will not fix it. Still too big and still on multiple lines. 

The solution, after hours of playing with the files, module, and component, was actually kind of simple. Also, I want to note that there might be a CSS or Less way to do this, but I hate to change entire page settings for a frontpage-only component, so that was my next step only. Also, I was going to try RokSprocket, but I found this method before going completely in that direction, as well. Anyhow, all my toiling at something that might have had an easy fix using another method (but not found in forum searches) has led to this solution to make it usable even as the technology seems to have left the component behind.

You should have a RokGallery slideshow in the ss preset 1 or slideshow location. Open that up and turn off the title option, or Show Title = No. This will get rid of the main title which is showing way too big. Make sure the Show Caption = Yes. Then, go to the RokGallery component. Open the file that has your image in order to edit it. (I don't get the whole slices and selections and whatnot, so try not to mess with this stuff too much unless you designed it initially). Now, you're going to edit the caption to the image you are using for the site. The correct image or slice or whatever will have a little green light next to it. Now, in the caption part to be edited, you need to add the code to stop the lines from breaking after each word. And you have to add size tags.

Wrong way: Passive Ninja Web Design A Brian Jaeger Company

Right way: <h1>Passive&nbsp;Ninja&nbsp;Web&nbsp;Design<br><h4>A Brian Jaeger Company<br><br>

I literally have no idea why this works or why the html spaces are not necessary for the h4 part, but it worked. Now, if anyone comes to you looking for an upgrade to Joomla 3 from 2.5 and they're using this set up, you'll save a lot of time in order to recreate basically the same effect. I think the header title moved over maybe 20 pixels form the original (again, no idea why). Afterwards, use my article to describe all the issues with the upgrade and charge the client a little extra for having such a dopey setup (and like my page or buy one of my books or something).