As an English teacher, I could always spot errors in student papers, even if my own writing was not perfect. It's exactly the same as a web designer. I've heard a lot of advice from people trying to help me get my own website up to the standards I set for the projects I complete. Sometimes, I neglect my own sites in favor of fine-tuning my clients' sites. Your business is the same way: you concentrate on working on whatever it is that you do, even if your desk is a mess or your website needs updating. Customer service is much more important than having a perfect website, right?


Well, you have to GET those customers, and a poor website can drive potential money away from your business and to the guy down the block with the slick website who sends funny re-Tweets. Let Passive Ninja provide you with a FREE, no obligation, professional website review. We will look at the following items:

  • Look and feel
  • Layout and organization
  • Multi-screen view (responsive)
  • Content
  • Completeness
  • Contact info
  • Errors (grammar, factual)

Have you ever had a professional web designer look at your site? (Not the person who built it.) We will write up an evaluation and email it to you, and then it's up to you if you want to complain to your designer (or give him a raise), keep everything as it is, or ask us what we can do to help. It might be one setting, and the evaluation will often provide a few suggestions that might be enough, in which case it's worth the effort.

To ask for a free website evaluation today, simply contact Brian. You won't be added to any lists or asked to purchase anything. You'll simply receive an honest appraisal with some suggestions. Of course, you will know that Passive Ninja would be able to help fix any problems, but you are the best person to decide what is best for your company.