Brian Jaeger

If you can imagine it, I can do it.
As an educator and an innovator who looks at the problems of business and society as challenges, I have ideas to help solve those problems. Positive about life, confident in my skills, and comfortable with technology, I see my experiences as tools to help me teach and communicate, but I also see our own humanity as our greatest asset. All of us, working together.

Using a creative, fresh approach to every challenge encountered, I am ready to work in the public or private sector with the skills developed while teaching and web building. With the ability to create new or enhance existing platforms for outreach, both in person and online, I can develop professional-quality websites, write the appropriate content, and train others to do the same.
Work Experience
Public sector. Private sector.
Twelve years of public school teaching with many more years of teaching and influencing online. All original.
Degrees. Certifications.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee & University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.
French history research paper
Great Expectations
Graduate English partially written in French
Website Design and Online Marketing
Passive Ninja, Luthernet, and Brave New Church. Custom website creation.
All of the websites built by me are mobile-friendly and https secure. They are conceived and built in the matter of weeks rather than months. Some are my own business ideas, while others are for small businesses and churches.
Luthernet Web Design
Luthernet Web Design
Websites built in mere weeks for small churches on a tight budget.
Teaching lessons and Chromebook protection sales
New Jax Witty and Satisfamily blogs.
Ready for the new world. Modern, mobile-friendly.

Videos Created by Brian Jaeger

Video recording / editing
Audio into YouTube video
Cranium Promo Video

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