Welcome to PassiveNinja Web Design!

Passive Ninja is a web design and hosting company that prides itself on creating and then disappearing. Passive Ninja works as a skilled, silent part of your team. Websites are developed in weeks rather than months using Joomla or Google Sites Content Management Systems.

Passive Ninja is a consulting firm capable of teaching you how to build and maintain Joomla or Google Sites CMS websites. We train employers or employees. We build or show you how to build. We host or show you how to host. 

Our staff includes two Wisconsin and Florida-certified English teachers, one with a journalism major and Spanish minor and the other with an English major. French minor, and Urban Planning certificate. Our diverse experiences help us to help you. 

Brian Jaeger

Website Design and Online Marketing
Passive Ninja, Luthernet, and Brave New Church. Custom website creation.
All of the websites built by me are mobile-friendly and https secure. They are conceived and built in the matter of weeks rather than months. Some are my own business ideas, while others are for small businesses and churches.
Luthernet Web Design
Luthernet Web Design
Websites built in mere weeks for small churches on a tight budget.
Teaching lessons and Chromebook protection sales
New Jax Witty and Satisfamily blogs.
Ready for the new world. Modern, mobile-friendly.

Videos Created by Brian Jaeger

Video recording / editing
Audio into YouTube video
Cranium Promo Video

Fiction and Nonfiction Writing Sites by Passive Ninja

  • Amazon Books

    Books written  by Brian Jaeger, owner of Passive Ninja. 

  • Educabana

    This is a page where I started to add lessons. I will probably house my QuizStar codes here, as well, since I have over 50 well-written quizzes online.

  • Mcnewsy Page

    I write so much that there may not be a perfect place to house all of what I've created. However, the most personal and creative tends to be found here. 

  • New Jax Witty

    Stories about Jacksonville, Florida. Articles and opinions from a Northerner coming to live in Duuuval.

  • Real Wisconsin News

    Not long after The Onion, my friend and I began Real Wisconsin News, which was to be more of a local version with more real satire (rather than the parody that often emerges in such publications). Some articles are total gems. 

  • Satisfamily

    My wife wanted to try freelance writing, so I thought we better get a blog. I've done more of the writing so far. It's about being happy and satisfied as a family, which will be tested after I am laid off as a teacher. 

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